Nine miles feels like an ocean between us, but maybe it isn't. 

It is the waves of circumstance crashing, threatening to pull us apart.

Could it be the Lost City of our hearts? Never to be found again, or

the island in the distance waiting to welcome us home?

The monsters of the deep have intruded upon our ships of consciousness

wanting to see us drown, but we won't.

The lighthouse of possibility can save our ship.

Nine miles feels like an ocean between us, but it's not. 


Organically, I write. Not for the flowery completeness, 

but for the seeds of inspiration that may come. 


Back when I was underwater, I screamed for the air bubbles that drifted away. Back when I was underwater, I forgot the desire to swim.

The tides have calmed now, and like the sparrows above the clouds, I have realized my ability to fly through the shipwreck.

I must look for the lighthouse.


These were the moments that set the butterfly free from it's cocoon. 

A total metamorphosis. 


Like brush strokes on a canvas, you can never undo the paths you have taken; the mark you have left on your page. 

This can be the best or worst realization... that's up to you.


Counting the moments was almost like not truly living them at all.

As time slipped away, you only took interest in the clock. 

If life is to truly be lived, you must remain timeless and stop the clock

before it stops you. 


A seed knows not of the infinite possibilities and immense beauty contained within. Similarly, you, darling, must learn to grow before you're ready to bloom into what you were designed to be. Give it time, and await the Spring.


The moment that takes your breath away, 

that person that ignites something great within you,

circumstances in life that have the ability to awaken the gracious soul

inside. Reveal the beauty and chase that spark.


"I'll see you when I see you." Seven simple words with the promise of much.

Oh, who we may be when our paths cross again.

So much possibility, for this was not a goodbye.


Remembering the past can be bittersweet. 

It can take you back to moments that shaped the "who" of your story.

Reflection can be good, but you must never stay there, 

you must remember who holds the mirror. 


Every emotion has the ability to create a world of complexities.

No tear is ever wasted, for it can saturate the potential of a new start.